Friday, June 27, 2008

task by muzami ALAM BASE...KEEP ON.

DRAFT - The depth of water a boat draws
STRIM - Fore and aft balance of a boat.
FREEBOARD - The minimum vertical distance from the surface of the water to the gunwale.
GANGWAY - The area of a ship's side where people board and disembark.
ship's sweat - water droplets which condense on the ship's side and deck when a ship sails from a warm place to cooler places; this is due to the warmer air in the holds coming
into contact with the cooler ship's structure.
cargo sweat - water droplets which condense on the cargo when a ship sail from a cool place to warmer places; this occurs when The warmer inecoming air comeased into contact with the cooler cargo's surface.
Dunnage - any material (e.g. wooden planks) which is placed at the bottom of the cargo hold to raise the cargo; serves to keep cargo dry or prevent shifting.
spar ceiling- removable strips of timbers or battens fixed to the frames in the cargo hold to keep cargo away from the ship's sides; this promotes ventilation and prevents cargo damage by c
ondensation and chafing.
Bollard-large circular post fitted at wharf for making fast mooring ropes; usually in pairs; also known as bitt.
monkey island-navigating and compass position on top of the wheel house.das
Alongside - close to the side of a ship, wharf or jetty
Barometer - an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure.

Anemometer – an instrument for measuring the wind velocity or wind force.
AHTS - Anchor Handling Tug and Supply Vessel
Chronometer - a specials clock constructed to give very accurate time; used in navigation.
invoice -- an instrument prepared by a seller of goods or services listing all such items sold, and presented to the buyer for payment.
Iron Mike is the de facto name of various monuments commemorating servicemen of the United States military. The term "Iron Mike" is uniquely American slang used to refer to men who are especially tough, brave, and inspiring.

Watertight Hatch
Watertight doors. In the event of a hull breach, the hatches can be closed to seal off compartments on the affected portion of the boat.

DEVIATION CARD - Where the deviation from a compass point cannot be counteracted through the use of magnets, a deviation card, or graph, is produced

quotation The highest bid or lowest ask price available on a security at any given time. also called quote.